10 Ideas For A Raw Breakfast

by Sasha on March 22, 2012

Breakfast is essentially “breaking” the “fast”. After a night of 8 hours of sleep you wake up and you have not eaten anything for 8 hours. So what is the first thing that many people do? They grab  a quick coffee, a sugar treat or greasy meal. Or they  skip breakfast all together. Instead I challenge you to try and reframe your breakfast. Let it NOURISH and FUEL your body! Start out with a glass of water for hydration and then take a look at one of the 10 raw breakfast options listed below.

Buckwheat Porridge

Breakfast Delight Buckwheat Porridge

Believe it or not once upon a time I used to be heavily addicted to coffee. As many of you know I have 2 young children and one has special needs and has to be monitored at night. So for me this often means really later nights or early mornings depending on whichever way you want to look at it. So naturally after 4 hours of sleep I used to grab for a cup of coffee to wake me up. However  for me the problem with this is that ONE cup was never enough and I would continue to drink coffee during the day because it was there and because of the instant jolt of energy. Coffee is very acidic on the body and it can be very addictive for many. So what I did was make an executive decision and packed away the coffee pot!

Instead I focused on filling my mornings with nutrient rich foods and drinks like smoothies. These are all amazing raw food choices for your morning breakfast. You can combine them or have them on their own. One of my favourites is a super food smoothie or a green juice in the morning. I find that this gives me the energy and nutrients that I need to start the day. Here are 10 ideas for your breakfast:

10 Ways To Enliven Your Morning With A Raw Food Breakfast

1.   Green Juice
2.   Green Smoothie
3.   Super Food Smoothie
4.   Fruity Bowl
5.   Chia Pudding and cereal
6.   Raw Granola
7.   Raw Yogurt
8.   Nut or seed milkshake
9.   Dehydrated Pancakes or Wraps
10. Creamy Buckwheat Porridge or oat groats
The great thing is that these options are quick, easy and nutritious. So what are you waiting for? Are you going to give your morning meal a makeover? I would love to hear from you and see what you are having for your breakfast and where you can make changes.

In last weeks post I shared my chia pudding recipe and this week I will share another one of my favourite recipes from the list.

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