8 Ways To Eat Healthier

by Sasha on October 6, 2011


Have you ever thought “I just don’t know what the heck to eat anymore?”

8 Ways To Eat Healthier

Many people are really confused about what to eat. I know because I talk to a lot of them Part of the answer lies in the fact that we are just constantly bombarded with information. Commercials flash on our TV and our computer screen showing you the latest trends in food, new diets to help you loose weight and supplements to provide you with the cure for whatever ailment that you or your neighbour has.Shelves are lined with products making claims on everything, from weight loss to rich in omega’s.

I know many of you want to be healthy and feel great and full of energy but you find it hard to put that goal or dream into fruition.

Here are 8 Ways To Eat Healthier:

  1. Drink water! When you wake up in the morning instead of starting your day with coffee, tea, a bagel….How about starting your day with a glass or two of water. This will help hydrate your body after a night up sleep. Your body has been fasting for 8 hours while you sleep. Put a little squeeze of lemon in there.
  2. Focus on the fresh produce. You can’t go wrong it you focus on vegetables and fruits. An organic apple does not have 10 extra ingredients attached to it that you can’t decipher. It is just a perfect apple filled with nutrients and fiber. By focusing on fresh produce please know that you are making the correct choice!
  3. Fiber! fiber, fiber. Need I say more. It fills you up! Get’s you moving and helps regulate you blood sugar.
  4. Avoid the middle part of the grocery store. That is where you are going to find all of the boxed products. I am not sure some of them should even be called food. Here you will be overwhelmed with choices and brand names and health claims. “Eat this to help you maintain your weight” or “Eat this to get more omega’s” or ” Certified Healthy by some organization”
  5. Incorporate raw and vegan food into your diet. Add as many raw fruits and vegetables into you diets as you can. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to eat raw food. You can cut up some celery, cucumbers, carrots and make a salad or a vegetable platter. Making juices and green smoothies are great additions to your diet. Take a raw food class or experiment in the kitchen.
  6. Prepare. The key to all of this is preparing what you are going to eat. Prepare your veggies and smoothie ingredients ahead of time. I fill a bowl with selected veggies in the fridge. Then you can just grab the bowl and start juicing making that favourite dish. You  will be amazed at how preparing get set you on the right track.
  7. Find a local healthy stand by. For those days when you are crazy busy you can always make a stop at one of your healthy spots. A place that sells salads, fresh juices and a raw, vegan or vegetarian menu.
  8. Stop eating anti-nutrients. Things that don’t provide your body with any nutrients! Pop, sugar, chemical laden package products-the list can go on and on. When you pick up an item ask yourself “What is it going to give my body? If you don’t know or the answer is nothing, then don’t eat it.  Spoons of sugar or glasses of pop are not going to provide you with nutrients. They offer nothing to you and actually rob your body of nutrients.

I would love to hear from you. What change can you make this week? What do you need help with on your journey ?

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