Back To Basics With Seasonal Eating

by Sasha on September 26, 2014

RAW VeggiesToday we have an unlimited amount of food choices and information on the type of food we should eat and what diet to follow. However, although we have this plethora of advice and information at our finger tips, many are still feeling mostly unsatisfied with life and unhealthy. Many continue to struggle with diet fads and poor eating habits.

As a Raw Food & Life Skills Coach I see a number of clients that are just plain confused with all the information out there. They don’t know what to eat anymore let alone feed their family. Many may know what to eat but the actual  “ implementation” part of it can be down right intimidating for those with a busy schedules, which frankly is most of us. So where do we go from here?

What if we just went back to the basics!  Trying to eat wholesome food as nature intended and listened to our bodies more. What if we stopped and grabbed some fresh air and looked at what mother nature has laid out for us.  By focusing on local and seasonal foods and by following the earths natural rythms and bounty, we can create a solid plan and have a strong impact on our wellbeing. Simply by going to your local farmers market or even straight to the farm you can find an abundance of non-processed healthy options. Trust me  you don’t have to buy oodles of  books to learn how to eat. Instead let mother nature show you how.

Earlier this month I wrote an article for a local newspaper talking about why we should embrace the seasons and list some fall choices.  You can read more HERE.

You might be wondering how to eat seasonally on a raw food diet and I am excited in the next coming weeks to share with you how you can learn from mother nature and adapt your current diet to reflect the seasons.

I would love to hear from you. Please share how you stay connected to the seasons and mother nature.

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