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by Sasha on May 12, 2012

Whew.. things have been crazy busy these days. Lots of raw food events, classes and expos happening. I have been able to meet the most lovely people that are working in the health and wellness field and many that just want some inspiration and assistance with their everyday diet.

My daughter loves working in the kitchen and she was the inspiration for these yummy and easy raw desserts this week. Often when we get into the kitchen it is a lot of fun, no recipes and just go with the flow type of day. She wanted to make some raw cheesecake but since we did not have all of the ingredients we had a change of plans. I must say one of the best ways to get children involved in eating healthy is to actually get them in the KITCHEN making things.

First we were going to make a crust for a cake with hazelnuts and raw cacao powder by grinding it up in the food processor. Instead of using whole dates for a raw base we used some leftover date paste.  We added that in and ended up with a sticky yummy mess. We added a little bit more raw hazelnuts and found that we had the perfect raw brownie. Rich and chocolaty texture that could hold up to nice squares.

Raw Brownies

These are borderline fudge and brownie. I am not complaining though.

Raw Hazelnut Brownies

Hazelnut Brownies



Raw Hazelnuts (we started off with 1 cup then ended up adding in big chunks near the end)

Date Paste

Pinch of Salt

Raw Cacao

Blend in food processor until the desired taste and consistency. You want it to be a little bit sticky so they will hold together. We spread the mixture out in a flat pan and then let it sit in the fridge before we cut them.

These are so filling. We were going to make a chocolate icing but started making fruit parfaits and cheesecake cups….

Raw Cheesecake Parfait

Easy raw strawberry raspberry cheesecake cups

My daughter Blyss made this all by herself and she is only 5. We made a whole bunch of raw cheesecake filling and put some in little bowls and others were layered into parfaits. Needless to say these did not last long at all. She ate 2 right away!


I cup of raw cashews soaked overnight and drained

Coconut Oil (2 tbs or a little more if you like)

Raw sweetener of choice (agave, raw honey or a little maple syrup if you like)


Lemon (we didn’t have any so we skipped it this time)

Pinch of salt

Fruit ( we used frozen raspberries and strawberries)

We blended everything up in the food processor. Blyss did all of this. She even made sure to scrape down the sides to get all of the cashews incorporated. Then since we didn’t have any lemon we decided to add some frozen strawberries. Then we filled the cups and added some chopped fruit and cacao nibs. We also made a darker shade of pink that was a little tart by adding the frozen raspberries. She loved the swirls of pink. So girly and so healthy!!

Fluffy Parfaits


Raw cheesecake

Messy but so good Raw Cheesecake Topping

Hope this inspires you to get into the kitchen and have some fun. Yes the kitchen might be messy but you will be so happy with the results. How satisfying to know that it is healthy and tastes good. What are your favourite no recipe go to treats in the kitchen? I would love to hear from you.


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Heather Thorkelson May 12, 2012 at 12:33 am

These look A-MA-ZING! For the cheesecake cups, how much coconut oil do I need to put in? I don’t even know if I can find lecithin here…


Sasha May 12, 2012 at 5:00 am

Thanks Heather,
For one cup of cashews you can go anywhere from 1-2 tbs to almost a 1/4 cup. You don’t have to have lecithin so no worries. Soak the cashes, drain and then start adding the ingredients until you get the thickness you want. Then you can use a combination of a little bit of lemon, water or frozen fruit to make it fluffy. If I am not using fruit in it and keeping plain I use more lemon and coconut oil. We made a full batch of strawberry then took out half and added raspberries to get the darker colour. Have fun.


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