The Longevity Now Conference

by Sasha on June 4, 2012

This week I am sharing my experience at David Wolfe’s, Longevity Now Conference that happened at the end of May. This year’s focus was the Mind Body Connection which is so important. I strongly believe that there is a huge connection between the mind, body and spirit. This weekend did not disappoint, instead it exceeded my expectations on so many levels. The speakers were amazing and provided some really leading edge information. The food was well…AMAZING and the vendors were top notch. I returned with a suitcase full of grounding blankets, super foods, herbal tonics, goddess clothing, raw cookbooks and so many samples it would make any health enthusiast happy. I love trying new products and hearing the lastest cutting edge information on health, wellness and raw food and sharing this with YOU!

Let’s start with the food because I am a foodie at heart.

There was such an abundance of raw food, vegan food and  healthy goodies available that I was literally in raw food heaven.  I got to spoil myself trying all of the raw foods available and there was a lot. What better way to feed your mind than partake in high quality raw food. Raw Solla, in the picture below did a demo for some great raw smoothies and crackers. She owns a raw cafe in Iceland and it was great to hear her speak.

Great to hear Raw Solla

We were always hydrated for our jam packed days with some spring water. We were also able to buy bottles of spring water which were great to bring back to the hotel room. Imagine my delight when I found out that they were dispensing free Vitamineral Greens and mixed in water along with other Health Force Naturals from large pop like machines.

Spring Water

Spring Water All Weekend Long!

Amazingly 118 degrees, had a raw food truck stationed outside the hotel lobby selling delicious raw food meals including raw tacos, pizza, brownies, pasta and of course freshly opened thai coconuts.

Raw Pizza from 118 Degrees

Inside they set up  Truth’s tonic bar that sold the MOST amazing herbal elixirs, tonics and creations. To be honest I have never seen so many Vitamix Blenders going at the same time. I think I had one of almost everything on their tonic list. I certainly learned that I am under utilizing my Vitmaix 🙂

Can I just say this was the first time that my suitcase was overweight at the airport. I was able to pick up some amazing raw foods and super foods. Samples and information that I can’t wait to share with you.

Trying to figure out how to fit all the samples and what I bought into my suitcase!

The lineup of speakers was truly amazing. I will share some of the information over the weeks but for now you can take a look at the line up for the weekend. I knew a lot of them that focused on raw food and law of attraction. However I was introduced to quite a few new speakers that blew me away with some amazing information.

  • Michael Bernard Beckwith (from Agape International Spiritual Center)- Author of “The Answer Is You” and “Life Visioning” his latest book.
  • Dr. Amen- talked about the components that lead to a healthy and unhealthy brain. After his presentation he has us all thinking of “brain envy” which is actually something that we should all be thinking about. How can we support the brain through food and our daily practices to be healthy.
  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr Judith Orloff
  • Ron Teeguarden’s amazing information on herbal tonics and TCM (I got some herbal tonics, mushroom tonics and a great book on TCM)
  • Nadine Artemis on natural dentistry ( owner of Living Libations)
  • Truth Calkins and his amazing demo on herbal tonics
  • Dr. Marshall from Quantum Nutrition Labs who was such an amazing speaker so knowledgeable in many different areas. I highly recommend you check him out. He has some really leading edge information which I will share later
  • Dr. Christy Westen did a great presentation on grounding and how it can impact our lives. Can I tell you, she has some amazing energy!
  • Daniel Vitalis did a Master Workshop Survival Program with David Wolfe on how to prepare yourself for a disaster or emergency situation

David Wolfe, did some amazing presentations throughout the weekend on archetypes, the placebo effect and other mind body information. Not only were the speakers and the food amazing, just imagine yourself in a room of hundreds and hundreds of other health food seekers, professionals, raw foodies and other’s who want to learn about their health and the leading edge information. Truly amazing.

Stay tuned for more on the conference and some amazing super food products, books and tonic herbs! I will be sharing which speakers I loved and who you should check out.


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Carol Galanty June 5, 2012 at 9:25 am

Thanks for sharing this Sasha! I am definitely going to attend next year’s event…this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to hear more.


Sasha June 5, 2012 at 10:32 pm

Hi Carol,

Yes it would be great for you to go. I often meet so many people at these types of events and it is great to be in the room with so many like minded people.


Phyllis June 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm

Sounds like such a wonderful event! I’m really drawn to the raw food lifestyle and have read lots of David Wolfe’s stuff, but never quite taken the plunge even into veganism. I guess that’s kind of odd – I’m like a raw-food stalker. 🙂 I think I would have been like a kid in a candy store at this event, scooping up samples!


Sasha June 6, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Hi Phyllis,

I love your comment “raw stalker”.:) Hey if there is going to be a stalker that is a good one to be. Yes kind of like a kid in a candy store without having to worry about the sugar. Once you start getting into raw food you will want to add more and more into your life.


Candice June 7, 2012 at 1:51 pm

THANK YOU for sharing this!! Absolutely brilliant. I live in Perth, Aus (and am also an avid raw foodie)… we don’t often get to see David Wolfe as his visits are infrequent. I ALWAYS buy the new longevity conference webcasts and dvds the minute they become available and I adore the diversity and incredible knowledge of the speakers. I loved seeing the event from your point of view though, you only ever get to see the speakers in the webcasts and not what goes on behind the scenes. Awesome post. xxx


Sasha June 8, 2012 at 6:11 am

Hi Candice,
Great to hear that you are a raw foodie as well. That is so amazing that you have been keeping up with all of the webcasts and DVD’S. Look forward to sharing some of the new products that I saw out there and my favourites in the next couple of posts.:)


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