Raw Chocolates and Cheesecake

by Sasha on February 15, 2012

Here is some eye candy for you. I made my husband Julian, a raw cheesecake, some raw chocolate cups and my daughter some vegan muffins for school yesterday. It was such a busy day in the kitchen that I did not get a chance to post last night. I got engaged 8 years ago yesterday so I wanted to have some special desserts made.

First I made a raw cheesecake. If you have been to my potlucks you know that I love making cheesecake. I pretty much do the same recipe over and over. However yesterday I decided to make one from Cafe Gratitude’s book “A New World of Raw Desserts” This one used lecithin and almond milk in the base along with melted cacao. The verdict is that this creates a light and fluffy texture. My other cheesecake is really good but it is has a heavier texture. I will have to sample some more and give a slice to my sister to see who the winner is.


Raw Cheesecake

Raw Cheesecake

Then I made some raw chocolates cups and filled them with the raspberry cheesecake filling that I had left over. My only problem with making these was that I used small muffin tins. I should have used a proper mold so that I could have gotten them out easier. The candy molds allow you to twist and turn to get the chocolates out. They usually pop out easily. With the muffin tins I had to use a sharp knife to pop them out and sometimes this cracked the chocolate.

Raw Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Raw Chocolate with Raspberry Filling

Then onto some strawberry hemp milk. This recipe is so easy and is one of my free recipes with the pantry list. I am in love with hemp milk. It is so creamy and thickens nicely.

Hemp Milk

Super Creamy Hemp Milk

This picture does not do justice to the hemp milk. It is a light pink and just so great for nourishing your body. Hemp milk is loaded with nutrients. Magnesium, calcium, protein and omega’s. It can be made in minutes.

Hoping that you had a great Valentine’s Day! Let me know if you made any special treats.

Make sure to sign up for my FREE Raw Pantry List and 3 Easy Recipes. You will get the recipe for the strawberry hemp milk. Let me know how you like it?

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Lisa February 15, 2012 at 4:09 pm

These treats look awesome!!!
I am a big fan of cheesecake…and usually I use cashews and keep it really simple, but I can appreciate how those finer details can make a big difference in the long run! Thanks for the pretty pics 🙂


Sasha February 15, 2012 at 8:39 pm

HI Lisa,

Thanks for your comments. So glad to hear you love cheesecake to. I always make the same one love it. However this puts a whole new spin on it and makes it so much lighter. Hopefully next time I can get them up before Valentine’s Day.:)


Kimmy February 15, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Wow – that all looks amazing! I need to experiment with raw cheesecake.


Sasha February 15, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Hi Kimmy,

Thanks yes this one was a lot of fun to try and not so heavy. I will teaching a class in April on raw cheesecakes. However I am sure you love experimenting at home to.


Samantha February 16, 2012 at 3:07 am

YUM!!! Those chocolates look yummy!!!


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