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by Sasha on December 14, 2011

Are you a new raw foodie and not sure what equipment to get? Or maybe you have to buy a gift for a friend or family member that is interested in raw foods? Whether you are new to raw food or have been into raw food for a while, here is a list of my top raw food equipment to have in your kitchen.

Here are is a quick list of my top 10 things that I love.

1. Mandoline:


Joyce Chen Mandoline

The Joyce Chen by Benriner or he Kyocera Adjustable Mandolin are great options for slicing and fine juliennes. The Kycocera is a less expensive hand help mandoline that comes with a ceramic blade which is great because it does not oxidize food or rust. Also smaller for those with limited storage in the kitchen. The Joyce Chen mandoline has a container at the base to collect all of the vegetables and provided more variety in regards to the slices you can do. You can get more information and view them at Upaya Natuarals

2. Spiral Slicer:


Spiral Noodles

Fun making spirals

These are awesome and so much fun. If you have children and they don’t like to eat raw vegetables this will do it! It can create fun garnishes and raw pasta’s. Really anything that you want to make into a fun looking spiral will work. You can make so many fun things including raw pasta out of zucchini. I have the Spirooli Spiral Vegetable Slicer and it works great. There is also a smaller Saladacco Spiral Slicer which is a bit cheaper but can still do the job. Make homemade noodles and apple and pear slices for dehydrating.

3. Microplane/Zester:

Small but great for creating fruit zest. Love the zest of lemon and limes in my favourite desserts or meals.

4. Food Processor:

Since you will be eating oodles of raw veggies and making scrumptious dishes a food processor is essential. You can make desserts, dips, spreads, pesto and so much more. I use an 11 cup Cuisinart Food Processor. You want to get a large cup size so that it can hold more.

5. Springform Pan and Off Set Spatula:

Springform Pan

Springform Pan For Raw Desserts

These are a lovely addition to the raw food kitchen for desserts. You can get them in many different sizes but they are awesome for making raw cakes and desserts. I have a couple of sizes at home. They don’t cost a lot, but they make it much easier to make beautiful looking desserts.

6. Nut Milk Bags:

These are great for making fabulous nut milks. Almond milk is so amazing when you make it fresh. You can also use these bags for making sprouts.

7. Coffee Grinder:

A coffee grinder is great for grinding your own spice mixtures. Also for grinding cacao nibs and flax seeds.

8. Blenders:

My top 2 picks are the Vitamix and the Blendtec. I personally am a Vitamix lover and have had mine for years. You can make smoothies, soups, sauces and more in them.  They take blending to a new level.

9. Excalibur dehydrator:

A dehyrdrator is great for making raw foods such as kale chips, crackers, wraps, cookies and more. This is an investment and costs several hundred dollars.There are several different sizes and colours available. I use the 9 tray excalibur and love it. You don’t need it to eat a raw food diet by any means. If you want to make your own breads and crackers then this is for you.

10. Juicer:

Breville Ikon Juicer. (This one has a variable speed which is great for juicing different vegetables). There are many juicers out there. It will really depend on how much counter space you have and how much time you have. I use the Breville because it is quick and easy to use. You can have fresh juice in minutes and the clean up is fast.

I get a lot of my supplies at Upaya Naturals so I have included my affiliate link here. Upaya Naturals. If you are on a budget you can find some items second hand in your community.

You don’t have to get these all at once. Picking and choosing one or 2 items at a time is a great idea.I would love to hear what you are putting on your wish list for this year? Do you use something different. Add it to the comment section below.


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Kimmy December 15, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Wow, I remember when I first starting really adding more raw food in my diet how scary I thought I thought it was to have to buy all of this stuff but I’ve been gradually building up my stock and am just needing a vitamix (which could be awhile, but my sprializer and dehydrator will at least keep me company). =)


Sasha December 16, 2011 at 3:39 am

Ha ha so true. When you first start you may feel overwhelmed. However truly you could just do simple raw with fresh veggies and fruits and some simple mason jars for sprouting. It has taken me several years to get all of my equipment.:)


Sasha Mitchell December 18, 2011 at 7:17 am

Hey Sasha, my name is Sasha also 🙂 And thank you for this top 10 post!!! I’m vegan as well, and always looking for cool new gadgets to make vegetable cooking more fun. I have a blog too (www.kalewithlove.blogspot.com). I’m going to add these items you mention to my holiday wish list, and hopefully I’ll be blogging some cool raw desserts or making my own almond milk soon! Thanks!!


Sasha December 18, 2011 at 8:30 am

Hi Sasha.
Thanks for your comment.That is so great I love meeting others with the same name. You are so welcome. I think Christmas is a great time to put some of these items on your wish list. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get some new additions to your kitchen.


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