Raw Food Classes

Raw Food Class
“This class will demystify raw food….”
Uncooking 101 Part 1:  An Intro To Raw Food Made Easy  
Here is what you will learn and love!
* Multiple Nut Milks.  We will also enjoy the “usual” raw variety of almond milk, but having an alternative like our 2-minute easy milk is such a lifesaver!

* Multiple (Dairy-free) Milkshakes. These will knock your socks off and satisfy anyone. We’re talking raw vegan shakes that anyone (yes, ANYONE) would adore!

* A kickin’ Fruit Smoothie & and a “Green” Smoothie. that isn’t even green.

* The Best Wrap Ever ( you won’t believe what you will learn for this)

* A truly Sensational Salad & Refreshing Vinaigrette Dressing. We’ll show you how to use the whole lemon to make a creamy (yet totally nut-, seed- and dairy-free) vinaigrette you will use over and over, and the salad itself is just as lovely! We’ll completely destroy the idea that salads & green-based meals are b-o-r-i-n-g.

* *A quick and delicious dessert that takes 5 minute. These truffles are so easy and taste divine.

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“I am completely blown away, I loved all the raw foods that were made today. Thank-you so much for letting me be a part of your group, it was fantastic! ” Laurie C.

“Worth it. Everyone should take this class!” Marie LeBlanc

“I left encouraged to go home and try the recipes and experiment.” Debbie Jonson

“This was an awesome experience.  Above expectation.”  Fred Karpala

“Excellent course for the novice as well as more experienced raw foodist. Great information, recipes and hands on demonstrations of the recipes.” Katherine Wiebe

“Fun, informative and yummy! I loved this class, my first but not last class as I jump into Raw Food!”  L. Powers

“Another great class! The food is so delicious and inspiring, very tasty and friendly.” Stephanie Wilson

“It’s an excellent course to introduce people to the taste of Raw Foods and how simple the recipes are to make.” Maria Politano

“I feel energized from this food” Janice Light

“Sasha and Michelle were hands on and shared their knowledge and passion of raw food openly. Their enthusiasm is contagious and I’m excited to incorporate into my everyday.” Whitney Ludwig