Raw Food Programs

A raw food coach helps you achieve your goals, stay on track and ensure that you are successful on your raw food journey.  It is a great fit for you if….

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  • IARFCT_Member_LogoYou want someone in your corner to support you along the journey. Just like a fitness or life skills coach a raw coach helps you achieve your goals, stay on track and provides you with support.
  • You want to get more energy, loose weight, increases your wellbeing or having glowing skin to name a few…..
  • Are spending oodles of hours on “google” trying to find what equipment to use, what super foods to buy and what to eat. You never feel like you are getting it RIGHT.
  • Your are an entrepreneur and you want to increase your performance and creativity.
  • You are motivated to take charge of your health, wellness and happiness!
  • Realize that you need to care for your mind, body and soul and that YOU are worth it.
  • Have tried numerous times to start but just keep falling of that raw wagon.
  • Super busy creating and just want someone to tell you what to buy, where and how to do it all in a easy steps.
  • You want to detox.
  • You like amazingly delicious healthy vibrant foods.



jenny-shih-300pxI came to Sasha for help transitioning to a more raw food based diet. I tried to learn the ins and outs of raw food on my own from websites and books, but all of that research was time-consuming and confusing! No two places said the same thing and every time I found the answer to one question, I had five more.

I signed up to work with Sasha and right from the beginning she proved to be amazing! She was helpful, patient, and insightful. She didn’t try to force me into a 100% raw diet, which wasn’t in my plans, and she didn’t make me eat or eliminate anything that I didn’t want to. She found a way to work around my tastes and preferences–that was really helpful.

Several months after we had been working together, I chuckled to myself as I was preparing dinner because I just realized that without much effort, I had a nearly 100% raw day. That really proved to me how helpful it was to work with Sasha.

The best part of working with Sasha was that she made the whole process easy. She demystified all of the raw food lingo, helped me sort through all of the differing opinions about things like soaking, temperatures, and Omega-3’s, and answered every single one of my questions. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!”

Jenny Shih
Coaching and Consulting for Creative Entrepreneurs

Truth Beauty“When I first started exploring RAW, I was really put off. I could not imagine feeding my young family RAW and having it go over well. However, Sasha encouraged me and gave me simple recipes and techniques I could introduce. Once I saw just how easy it was to incorporate, my curiosity grew! I was using ingredients and tools I had in my kitchen! We now, on average, eat about 3 RAW meals a week!!! And I don’t mean salads!!! Although, we enjoy those too! RAW ‘noodle’ vegetable dishes, RAW wraps, mock ‘potato’ salads… It really is endless! And of course, my daughters love the deserts! I owe it all to Sasha and her expertise, patience and gentle guidance!”

Jennifer Freitas
Creator & Owner Truth Beauty Company and Holistic Beauty Consultant


Any other inquiries can be sent to:  sasha@blyssfulhealth.com