Quick Sprout Salad and Ginger Smoothie

by Sasha on April 14, 2012

Last week has been pretty crazy busy and to top it off my family was dealing with some of us having a cold. The previous week I had to go with my son to the hospital for some tests and we try to be really careful when we are there making sure that we don’t come home with something. Unfortunately this time it didn’t work. So out came the oil or oregano, reishi mushroom tea and many more things. I actually had to cancel one of my raw classes because I didn’t want to be making raw desserts and coughing over the food. Luckily for me I am getting better and my lovely class participants were so understanding when I rescheduled.

So eating has been pretty simple since most of my attention has been on my son. I have been having lots of sprout salads that I can whip up in a few minutes, also lost of juices with ginger and aloe.

Below is just a few picks from this week to show you that you don’t always have to be making really fancy raw dishes. Depending on your schedule you can shorten your time in the kitchen and still eat nutritious meals. I have been eating a massive amounts of sprouts this week. I have been making my own and also got a good amount from Thomas at the Kitchener Market.

This is a quick sprout salad with nice garlic and olive oil spritz.  I used some sunflower sprouts that I got from Thomas and then I topped it with a mixture of sprouts that I made at home and some radishes. Very simple but delicious. I really think it is important to have lots of sprouts and salads in your diet along with some great juices and smoothies.

Amazing Garlic Sprout Salad

Next onto my Aloe Vera and Ginger Smoothie. I went a little heavier on the ginger this time to help me kick the cold to the curb. I could honestly drink a couple blenders worth of this. I just love the aloe and freshness of the citrus. I used grapefruit primarily in this one and and about a cup of aloe. Then added in some camu camu berry and a touch of sweetener.

Ginger Aloe Citrus Smoothie


You can add some goji berries if you want some colour and extra protein. That’s it. Nothing fancy but loaded with amazing nutrients. The also in the smoothie is great for your skin and digestive system. The camu camu berry adds a great dose of natural vitamin c. I also made some raw crackers last night but I will post then later this weekend.

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Have a great weekend.

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Erin April 23, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Looks Good. I have been sprouting this week as well. I will post soon. I am on day 3 of my 4-6 days of sprouting. I can not wait until my sprouts are ready to eat!


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