Reboot Your Raw Food Diet With 5 Easy Steps

by Sasha on September 11, 2013

September is a great time to do a RAW REBOOT. The lazy hazy days of summer are over and new schedules and new habits are being created. This is the perfect time to look at your raw food diet and assess how things are working for you. You are probably doing some type of assessment in other areas of your life such as when you go to the gym, start a new yoga class or even take a new course. You are always adjusting what works so that you can get to a desired RESULT. This should be no different for raw food, however I find that many leave this key step out of the equation and just go with the flow.  This is perfectly fine for some, but for you, you may need to identify what your larger goals are and often assess what is working and what needs some tweaking.

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself about your raw food diet that will assist you in refocusing and allow you to REBOOT or get back to where you want to be in an easy way.  Grab a piece of paper and pen so you can jot down your answers. You can also keep this and look back on it in a couple of months.

1. How much raw food are you REALLY eating?

Take a quick look at your current diet and see if you are eating as much food as you think you are?  How much raw food are you eating and are you comfortable with where it is? You are the only one who can determine this, as it is a very personal choice. However being aligned with your ultimate goals is a very powerful process and this is where the magic happens.

2. Are there any holes in your day? If so where are they?

Look at each meal for the last few days. Is there a consistent part of the day where you struggle? Is it the morning rush or is it during those back-to-back meetings and appointments with clients where you have trouble? Maybe you have lots of travel for work and you tend to go off your plan.

3. What stubborn cravings or bad habits still kicking around?

Over the summer did you have any issues with old cravings that kept creeping back into your life? Summer is a time when you relax and also socialize a lot. So it is natural that you may have become more relaxed with your diet. It can usually be a time when you find yourself being more open to other foods.  Jot these items down without judgment. Hint there is usually a reason behind these cravings.

4. Do you feel heavy, sluggish or bloated? 

You may find yourself feeling sluggish or have gained a few pounds or just got off track a bit. Ideally this is a great time to think about a RAW challenge or a detox to get you feeling like your vibrant, healthy self!

5. Are you celebrating your successes? 

Maybe you are doing a FABULOUS job with raw food diet. Congratulations are in order. Now what to do next? This is a perfect time to take your raw game plan up a notch and increase your raw food consumption, try a new piece of equipment, learn a new kitchen skill or venture out to a new raw restaurant.

Take time to review your answers. Remember this is not to make you feel bad about yourself but rather become aware of where you can improve and move forward on your journey. The raw food lifestyle is about raw food but it is also about so much more. It is really about creating a life that you love living everyday. By spending time to reflect on where you are at today you give yourself a great opportunity to REBOOT and refocus so that you can reach your goals!!

Do you have any new thoughts or an ‘aha’ moment’ after reading this blog? Please share your comments below.   


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