What is Raw Food?

by Sasha on November 2, 2011

What is Raw Food?

Raw food has many definitions-so you will not just find one exact definition out there on the Internet or in books. Everyone has a little bit of a different variation on the meaning of raw food. However for the most part raw food is a plant based vegan diet that includes foods that are in it’s raw form and have not been heated above 105-115 degrees. Some people follow 105 and some individuals use the bench mark of 115 degrees.

What does a Raw Diet Consist of?

A raw food diet consists of food that is fresh from the earth and in it’s purest form. It consists of raw nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, algae, sprouts, coconuts, mushrooms, herbs, spices, raw protein, fermented foods, seaweeds, raw cacao and raw dehydrated products to name a few.

You can make amazing creations with raw food. Everything amazing green smoothies and juices to raw cheesecake or a spicy burritos.  You can also make a lot of fun creations like crackers and breads by using a dehydrator or you can just pick fresh fruit off a tree.

Do I have to be 100% Raw?

I personally believe each individual has to make their own choice on this journey. So my answer is NO. It is up to you if you are going to be a hundred percent raw, eighty percent raw or anywhere in between. I work with individuals from varying backgrounds who are all at different places on their raw food journey and wellness journey. Do I advocate for raw and vegan food-Yes. I can personally say that most people tend to notice an increase in energy with a high amounts of raw food in their diet and have greater healing benefits with a high raw diet consisting of 75-80% raw foods. Some of my clients like being 50% raw and other’s break it up into having a raw breakfast and a raw lunch. Again this is YOUR own personal choice!

Why Eat Raw Food?


These are some of the many reasons why people choose to eat raw food. Raw food is full of enzymes, nutrients, oxygen, vitamins and therefore people use raw food for all of the reasons above. I personally use raw food for energy, healing, spirit and vitality to name a few. I also eat raw food because the taste is amazing!

When we cook food it becomes denatured. It changes the molecular structure of the food. It becomes something else. Our body often reacts to cooked food and has to use t’s own enzymes to digest cooked food. Raw food is enzyme and nutrient rich!  That is why many people turn to raw food when they become ill or tired. They use raw food to renew their bodies and heal. Our bodies are our temples so why not eat the best quality of food to help nourish it. Raw food is also animal friendly and environmentally friendly so many choose to eat raw food because they are living a vegan lifestyle. Whatever your reasons are for trying raw food, you will be amazed at how you start to feel when you incorporate it into your life.

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