10 Quick Things To Do When You Feel Less Than Blyssful

by Sasha on March 27, 2015

The Blyssful LifeHere are some quick tips on what you can do if you are feeling less than blyssful, vibrant or happy. The reality is that this can happen to all of us. It really is part of life, you have ups and downs and the middle or what some often refer to as that beautiful balance. Often when you find yourself in a bad situation, stressful place or grumpy mood there are a few quick things that you can do to help you feel better and lift your spirits. In life skills coaching it is referred to it as that swinging pendulum.  It’s ever moving and changing.

10 Quick Tips To Flip Your Mood Around

1. Meditate Your Way Through

Often if I wake up and things are not going my way I would like, I know that I need to go back and reset my intentions for the day. You can do a “Morning Reset” or “Day Reset” where you go somewhere quiet and do some deep belly breathing and a few minutes of meditation. Just a few minutes of doing this and you can slow down your breathing and refocus on your intention or goals for the day. If you are at work try taking a walking meditation on your break.

2. Elevate Your Words

Our words have a huge impact on how we feel. By using positive, uplifting words you can start to shift your day. Try not to dwell and use negative words and instead focus on energy filled words. If it helps jot down a few on your planner or post it to your fridge. If you find yourself getting caught up in complaining or negativity just try to re-frame it with some positive language. It get’s easier with practice.

3. Be grateful

It may seem like the total opposite of what you WANT to do, but making a quick list of 10 things that you are really grateful for and this can help you put things in perspective. Share with your family members or keep that to yourself but either way this tip will having you feeling more positive in no time. Take it one step further and helps someone out who is in need.

4. Change Your Environment

Get outside and into nature. Connecting with mother nature can help lift your mood. Fresh air often makes you feel better. Grounding (barefoot) outside can be an instant mood shifter. Changing your environment often can include moving around and that will help move negative energy and get the blood flowing. This in of itself will help you start to feel much better.

5. Self-Care

Add in some extra self-care rituals like taking a nice bath scented with essential oils. I personally love the smell of lavender when I need to relax and take some personal time to recharge. I also love to use essential oils in the house or in skin care products. They make you smell great and can help lift your mood.  Continue your self care with a nice oil rub on the body with organic coconut oil or sesame oil which in Ayurveda is very nourishing and soothing to the body and specifically to your nervous system.

6. Music & Mantras

Music is my number one way to lift my mood. Playing uplifting sounds can transport you to happier or calmer times. Why not pick a few mantras to help shift your energy. Create your own relaxation playlist. Relaxation music not your thing? Then put on your favorite song and dance it out! Exercise is a stress buster!

7. Eat Clean Vibrant Foods

When times get stressful or you feel a little down this is the best time to stick to your healthy foods. Mood and stress are a trigger for many and to stay on top of this you will want to stay super hydrated with water and try to avoid those cravings for sweets, or crunchy salty snacks. Look for alternatives to stock in your pantry. If for example you crave salty, crunch foods when you are stressed try to reach for a healthy version which may include kale chips, raw trail mix, healthy crunchy granola chews to name a few.  Even the simple effort of making a green smoothie with some fruit and greens can make you feel better. Deep leafy greens are loaded with magnesium and this can be very calming to the body. Lettuce is also great to calm you down.

8. Laugh it Out

Laughter is contagious and can be so helpful in shifting your moods. I don’t know about you but when I get into a stressful situation or bad mood I tend to hold a lot of tightness in my body. Laughter can help you relax those muscles and put an instant smile on your face . Try watching a funny movie or video clip.

9. Jot It Down

Commit to your journal. Write it out. Journals have been a part of my life for year and years. I actually have saved many of my journals so I know how useful they can be. Journals are great for getting all that emotion out on the paper and also allowing for new ideas and thoughts to come in. It ‘s private and you don’t have to worry about being judged. Grab some colorful markers (from your children) if needed and be creative.

10. Surrender

Surrender is often last for some and  may not even be on your radar. Depending on your personality and beliefs you may try to control your way through a bad or stressful situation. (Hint Hint you type A’s). So for you, surrender may seem totally opposite and foreign to you. However I can assure you personally, as a task master and strategic planner that the gift is in the “Surrender”. When you plan and do your best and then ultimately surrender it all to something larger than yourself you open your path to something much bigger. That act of surrender can feel really scary at first but with a little practice is can actually be quite amazing.

And as always I would love to hear from you! Share about some of your favorite foods, funny movies and ways to get yourself motivated and inspired. 

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