Sasha is passionate about health and well being. Her own personal story is one that has been marked by trials, tribulations, loss, celebration and success. In a span of 6 months she lost both of her parents to cancer. Not only did she have to deal with her parents diagnosis and death, but she was already raising a son with special needs who had gone through open heart surgery and many other medical procedures. Her journey has not been an easy one and has been filled with challenges that would stop most people in their tracks. However with strong determination and a desire to see opportunity in all life circumstances she has come through the hard times a stronger person.

Sasha is married to her wonderful husband and has 2 children. She is certified and trained in many different modalities but they all share a common focus on health.  She is a Raw Food Nutritionist, Chef & Coach, Spirited Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life Skills Coach and is currently adding Ayurveda into her work.  The commonality of all her passions and trainings focus on food, health & energy work which she personally needed to deal with the loss of her parents and raising a child with special needs. 

Sasha says” Raw food became my way out of grief. Reiki gave me the tools to comfort my son in times of pain and difficulty. Nutrition gave me the boost to keep my body going. Ayurveda has lit that spark inside and taken me on a deep soulful journey.  What I have learned is that there are many different paths that lead to happiness, health and blyss. We all have the opportunity to get support from and use these amazing modalities. Our goal is to see the light in the darkest of times and with the right tools, nutrition and support you can reclaim and renew your life and find that inner Blyss” 

Sasha shares about her journey by speaking to the public about her loss and her use of raw food. She is very active in her community in coordinating large raw events, workshops as well as facilitating group programs. 

For those of you that are into educational backgrounds here is a little bit more information on Sasha Campbell:

David Wolfe’s Ultimate Raw Nutrition Certification, Karen Knowler’s Successfully Raw Food Coach Certification, Karen Knowler’s Go Raw For A Week Certified Coach Coach, Living on Live Raw Food Chef Certification, Uncooking 101 Living Food Chef Certificate Certified Level 2  Spirited Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life Skills Coach and Trainer, Beyond Addictions: Yogic Path To Recovery and Complete Course Of Ayurveda.


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