Reclaim Your Balance

by Sasha on May 3, 2016

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering more services than just raw food. In the past I have primarily focused on offering raw food coaching, raw food cooking classes and the BARE beauty program. Over the years I have expanded my interests and knowledge in other areas that are in alignment with healthy eating, balance and living a happier life. I am super excited to bring my background as a Life Skills Coach, Reiki Practitioner and essential oils knowledge to you.  As I have learned over the years, it is not only just one area of our life that we need to look at when want to live a healthier life. Although the  journey to wellness may start in one specific area,  it often travels to all other aspects of our lives. If you are like myself and you have been through some very challenging times you many find you need a variety of modalities to help you reach your goals.

One of my passions is to work with women who feel they have lost that balance and spark in their lives and want to RECLAIM IT! First hand I have learned that this can be a process of rediscovery and transformation in many different areas. It is not easy to go through loss, trauma and stress and come out on the other side unscathed. For me raw food was the first tool that I used to ignite that spark back into my life after I lost both of my parents to cancer. The vibrant energy and health benefits from raw food did not allow me to sit on the coach too long in despair. It had me up and sharing the benefits or nutrition and health that one could achieve from raw food. However as the years went on and after dealing with the loss of several family members and a raising a son with special needs, I was dealing with high stress and constant overwhelm. I needed to dive into many different areas to start heal and cope with the stresses of life. I went full out and jumped into Reiki, Essential Oils and Ayurveda. The combination of these different modalities helped me tremendously.

So I hope you will join me on this journey in some capacity, whether it is eating raw food, using essential oils, creating a toxic free home or learning more about Ayurveda. I invite you in to learn how to reclaim and renew your life.

Join me Wednesday May 4th for a free webinar on creating Balance with Essential Oils and Ayurveda.Reclaim Your Balance


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