Raw Tips

Here are some previous blog posts that will provide you with some raw food tips and information to help you on your journey.

10 Ideas For A Raw Breakfast

by Sasha on March 22, 2012

Tweet Breakfast is essentially “breaking” the “fast”. After a night of 8 hours of sleep you wake up and you have not eaten anything for 8 hours. So what is the first thing that many people do? They grab  a quick coffee, a sugar treat or greasy meal. Or they  skip breakfast all together. Instead […]


6 Raw Food Snacks To Shop For

by Sasha on March 7, 2012

Tweet I am not sure about you but for me there seems to be an explosion of raw food products on the market these days. You can find everything from raw crackers, kale chips, cookies, macaroons, chocolates and more. This is an amazing thing to see. Especially since it in the past it has been […]


Raw Equipment Essentials

by Sasha on December 14, 2011

Tweet Are you a new raw foodie and not sure what equipment to get? Or maybe you have to buy a gift for a friend or family member that is interested in raw foods? Whether you are new to raw food or have been into raw food for a while, here is a list of […]


What is Raw Food?

by Sasha on November 2, 2011

Tweet What is Raw Food? Raw food has many definitions-so you will not just find one exact definition out there on the Internet or in books. Everyone has a little bit of a different variation on the meaning of raw food. However for the most part raw food is a plant based vegan diet that […]


Eating Healthy While On Vacation

by Sasha on August 8, 2011

Tweet Last week and this week has been deemed my family time for a mini vacation. We went to the beach for a day, then off to my in-laws in Toronto, with a final stop in Niagara Falls. One of my goals is to eat healthy as often as possible when out. That can be […]